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Ten keys to a successful event

Whether it’s a meeting, conference, or something in another professional setting, an event is something that companies, organisations, and individuals hold with a variety of aims and objectives in mind.

In this article we list the ten main keys to make sure that whatever type of corporate event you are going to hold is a resounding success.

Our ten must-haves for a successful event

1) Set a target

Identify the overall purpose of the event and what the main aims to be achieved are. It’s vitally important that all those involved in the organisation of the event are aware of these aims and work collaboratively and with a common purpose.

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2) Set a budget

Having a fixed and well-defined budget is one of the most important keys to knowing what type of event you can organise and what resources you can afford. It’s vital to have as many realistic quotes as possible in order to accurately estimate how much money is involved and to make every euro count in order to find the best option.

In addition to the price of each resource that we’re going to use, we will also need to have a surplus for unforeseen events. Don’t let something unexpected break the bank!

3) Plan every action

Develop an action plan or programme and, depending on the formality and size of the event, follow a strict protocol, assessing every part, possible event, or change. This will help to guide all lines of action and to provide orderly and comprehensive monitoring for the event in question.

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4) Organisation and communication

One of the key factors that makes a real difference when organising an event is the communication within the organising team. We must all act as one, communicating the progress of our efforts to the other team members on a regular basis. Everyone else must do the same. This is the only way to organise the event in an orderly manner and to avoid any last minute issues and unforeseen events.

5) Learn to delegate

One person alone is not capable of covering an event given its size and nature. The organisers always need a support network, featuring professionals in different fields who can cover 100% of the possibilities and resources required for the event. Learning to delegate and trust in your team and in the communication we mentioned in the previous point is absolutely essential.

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6) Promote the event!

Promote and publicise the event through the appropriate channels depending on your target audience, using either mass or direct media. We should ensure the highest attendance possible with all necessary information clearly laid out!

Don’t forget to spread the word before, during, and after the event. Send invites, show what’s happening at your event in real time and thank the attendees at the end of the event, securing their interest and attendance at future events.

7) Ensure the well-being of your guests

Keep your event safe and secure at all times. When planning, make sure that you comply with all necessary safety measures. Leave nothing to chance; a security breach involving your guests could be disastrous. During the event, always make sure that basic safety standards are met and that everybody is comfortable and safe.

8) Good catering is a must

One of the big details that can make any event stand out is definitely the food and drink. The catering reflects the status of the event; it speaks for itself. Delicious and thoughtfully presented catering can make attendees feel satisfied with their surroundings.

Remember to take care of the culinary and dietary requirements of the attendees, look after of each guest, and provide an excellent service.

9) Pay attention to every detail

Sometimes even the smallest detail can make or break the perception of your event. Take care of every aspect to ensure that the event, brand, and/or organisation leaves a valuable and lasting impression.

prestar atencion a los detalles

10) Creativity sets you apart from your competitors

You can host a great event or create an experience for your audience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We don’t always need a huge budget or the biggest wealth of resources. Simply let your mind run free and explore other avenues to surprise your audience. Take your event to another level by using both yours and your team’s imaginations. The reward? Your event will live on in the minds of your guests.

Are you thinking of holding an event? Ask for a quote and let us know what your idea is, we’ll help you shape an event that will leave the attendees speechless.